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Hong Kong Game Club’s mission is to promote the sport of poker (Texas hold’em).
Our goal is to provide players of all levels in Hong Kong with the most complete and useful guide to this overwhelming popular game.

We believe poker will grow in Hong Kong as in world-wide, and to us poker is:
-A beautiful and challenging game played in pleasant surroundings.
-A social game where members of both sexes can mingle freely.
-A game that requires precise mental skills.
-A game of knowledge and observation.
-A thinking person’s game.
-An endlessly fascinating and at times infuriating game.
-A game that participants can enjoy for a life time.

We believe in fundamentals, beginners and less experienced players are urged to start with low stake games. Mid stake and high stake games required different sets of mind and strategies and are only for graduated low stake players to move up. We don’t believe in luck, we don’t believe in gamble. We believe in skill, and we believe the more we practice the luckier we will get, playing with different players of all levels and style will improve our game dramatically. HK Game Club will provide you just that. We respect member’s desire to improve, and in the process, derive maximum enjoyment from this great game.

HK Game Club is opened to all poker players to join, and only HK Game Club members can play in tournaments, money games and league play that are organized by HK Game Club. Although some may disagree with money play, we feel that as a practical matter it’s a necessity. Poker players of all levels will continue to wager on their skills so they may as well learn to do so without falling prey to the old time cons of the sharks. HK Game Club works closely with different venues to promote the game of poker, arranging games for members while committed to comply with the law of Hong Kong.

New members are welcome to our club and they should register online ( or at HK Game Club affiliated venues.

One must understand and agree to the following terms to become a HK Game Club member and participate in HK Game Club’s events:
1. Poker is a sport, not gambling.
2. Poker is a form of entertainment, not gambling.
3. You join HK Game Club to improve your poker skill, not gambling.
4. You join HK Game Club to meet with and get to know friends with the same hobby.
5. Respect other members on the table.
6. Dress code: smart casual
7. It’s a gentlemen’s game at our game club, be classy and no foul languages, penalties will be given by managers if situation happens
8. Floor manager’s decision is final
9. Must be over age of 18.
10. HK Game Club reserves the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice

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In nearly every sport there is a wide spectrum of participants that span all groups of society. Although the stereotypical poker room exists, more than ever before, the game is now played in pleasant surroundings in which anyone could feel comfortable and enjoy every details of the game.

Good sportsmanship is the most important aspect of poker etiquette and must be demonstrated at all times at any club event. Following is a list of rules that may not be broken without risk of penalty, including expulsion from the club.

Do not physically or verbally abuse ANYONE – whether player, dealer, or venue staffs – during a club event. This includes regular Money games, Tournaments, or meetings. This will result in immediate suspension and/or expulsion from this club. Accept bad beats with grace. Do not in any way disrupt the remaining play. This is one of the most serious infractions you can be guilty of, and carries immediate expulsion as a result.

HK Game Club has very strict expectations around the issue of sportsmanship. Under no circumstances will we tolerate any acts of aggression – including shouting, taunting, criticizing, ridiculing or intimidating by any means – towards any of our membership (i.e. including players, dealers, floor manager and venue staffs). Any member who conducts themselves in this way – regardless of the excuse or reason – does so in immediate and certain peril of his membership. Under no circumstances is this behavior defensible.

We expect all members to appreciate good play when they are made, regardless of who makes them and who wins.

Speak English only on the table if any of the players doesn’t speak your language.

All members should have their memberships checked by HK Game Club before participating in the club’s poker events in Joe’s Billiards & Bar. New members could register on site but could only participate in the club’s poker events after confirmation from the club, which is a at least a day after the registration, but they are welcome to stay in the bar and watch the events.

All HK Game Club members should respect these arrangements made between HK Game Club and Joe’s Billiards & Bar. Game etiquette doesn’t just involve our table manner. It’s the way we behave towards our venues, as well. Players found to be in violation of these arrangements will have their memberships reviewed by HK Game Club; as such behavior could jeopardize the Club’s relationship with the venue.

Hong Kong Game Club follows the Tournament Director Association Rules (TDA)

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